Bimodal Digital Business Services and Solutions Provider Cloudwick Announces Launch of Cybersecurity Platform Solution


Bimodal digital business services and solutions provider Cloudwick has announced the launch of a new cybersecurity platform solution. Cloudwick, which has headquarters in Newark, California, United States, has a presence in Madhapur, Hyderabad, India and Scotland, United Kingdom. The company offers a range of services which include business intelligence modernization, data science, big data pilot-to-production, cybersecurity, IoT and mobile application development. The company also offers cloud solutions and data pipeline options, and primarily caters to “data-driven enterprises” that include 3M, Bank of America, Comcast, Home Depot, JP Morgan and Visa. The new ‘Cloudwick Data Analytics Platform’ for Cybersecurity (CDAP) offers “advanced analytics and machine learning”.

CDAP represents a “turnkey cybersecurity data hub platform” that is underpinned by Intel Xeon and Cloudera’s Cloudera Enterprise Hadoop distribution solution. It offers “cybersecurity capabilities” from key analytic vendors including Cybraics, Dataiku and H2O. CDAP also leverages Apache Spot and other Open Source (OS) machine learning projects. It also “ingests and stores trillions of events from PCAP, Netflow, Proxy, IDS/IPS logs, syslog and firewall logs” to facilitate cybersecurity.

CDAP’s features include CDAP Data Agent (CDA) which collects logs, alerts and events from SIEMs, PCAP, Netflow, Firewalls, IDS, IPS, Active Directory and other data sources”. In addition, it offers data scientists and analytic vendors “secure and auditable access to CDAP for running machine learning and advanced analytics”.

“Today’s cybersecurity solutions lack the capabilities required to provide complete cyber threat visibility, data democratization for IDS, IPS, SIEM and advanced analytics due to ingestion, compute and storage limitations,” explained the CEO of Cloudwick, Mani Chhabra. “CDAP modernizes enterprise and service provider cybersecurity and provides a new level for threat detection and prevention.”

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