Boris Johnson to turn London into ‘a giant classroom’


Boris Johnson is no stranger to the classroom! Here he is teaching a history lesson at Pimlico Academy

The London Curriculum will bring the capital into the classroom in different subjects from English, geography, art, music and history to inspire pupils. Children will be encouraged to ‘discover’, ‘explore’, and ‘connect’ with the capital and to look beyond their postcode by making the most of the museums, galleries, and other cultural opportunities that the city has to offer. Mr Johnson said: ‘We found that too few children were aware of or had access to the rich treasure trove of learning that London has to offer. The London Curriculum will have an impact on core academic subjects, by turning the capital into a giant classroom and strengthening young Londoners’ knowledge of the people, places and events that have not only shaped our city, but also had an impact on the world stage.’ The London Curriculum will not be compulsory and will supplement, not replace, traditional lessons. It will be available from September and more details are available here.

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