College of Southern Nevada in USA

Founded in 1971, College of Southern Nevada is located in Las Vegas, USA. The university has 17,000 students, including 700 international students from over 60 countries. School system: classrooms, laboratories, libraries, more than 50 clubs and student organizations at three campuses and 11 training centers.


The school has 200 vocational training programs and more than 80 college degree programs. The curriculum includes: English, vocational training (After completing these course students will be awarded certificates and is going to do in Las Vegas or parts of Nevada), college programs, programs Transition 2 senior year bachelor’s degree.
Study: economics, accounting, finance, hospitality, nursing, early-childhood education, elementary education, automation technology, aerospace technology, medicine, mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, business administration, engineering, environmental science, geography, geology, history, journalism, psychology, social sciences, foreign languages, anthropology, cosmology …


Package cost for a school year is USD 15,000-17,000 includes tuition, room and board, insurance, books. …
After completing two years of college courses in Southern Nevada, students will learn forwarded 3rd year and 4th year at the university affiliated with CCSN: Central Washington University, Western Washington University and the University Washington State, the University of Nevada … to a degree.
Especially students studying hotel management and tourism management casino paid during practice and had many opportunities to stay in Las Vegas to work after graduation.

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