When an issue arises within an organization that prevents employees from doing their jobs—the network is down, an employee is locked out of an account, an operating system is not functioning properly—the first call is to the enterprise help desk. However, many support centers are not in a position to handle the call volume regarding “breaks” within an organization. That’s because support centers are charged with not only handling these types of employee requests for assistance, but also, keeping up with the increasing pace of technology releases, as well as day-to-day tasks to keep the organization up and running.


As a result, employees find it difficult to get IT support due to a disjointed support center structure, limited contact hours and too many phone options for assistance. This leads to a low perception of the support center, a lag in getting employees back on track to do their jobs, and frustration felt by employees when getting a resolution is time-consuming and slow.

Vitalyst relieves the burden on your support center with our Managed Help Desk Services support. Vitalyst guarantees a positive business impact for any organization needing assistance with their Managed Help Desk Services by using a phased approach involving discovery, knowledge and operational transfer, a transition startup period and a continual service improvement process to anticipate risks that meet strategic goals.

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